About us

A writer, a dog, a cat and 10,000 honey bees.

Our Story

After a long hiatus from writing to be a park ranger and middle school teacher it is finally time to get back in the garden, in the beehive, behind the camera, on the road and back in the writer's circle.

Mary Lou Reed - human in charge, (The only reasons humans get to be in charge is because we have opposable thumbs and can reach the pedals to drive the car or put sentences together using a keyboard). Formally trained as a geologist, physicist and archeologist, Masters in education. Publishing credits: Tennessee Conservationist, Military Images, Instructor, Scholastic News, Memphis Business Journal, Hopscotch, Medical Detective and Haunted Tennessee State Parks, a memoir

Sirius (The Beast)

 CEC (Chief Executive Canine)

Pyrador-plus       Born 5.23.16            Holds 3 levels of obedience certification


VP of Felinity

Born a few years ago. Training came from living on the streets (read: "I don't need any stinking certification). Chief focus: to keep the dog off the bed.



EAP (Extraordinary Apian Pollinators)


Thousands of docile, hardworking bees

Next Steps...

Research, write, photograph, publish.  Travel, write, photograph, publish.  Garden, write, photograph, publish.